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You wake up
the sun is shining
but there's that feeling
that breaks you down

You meet your friends
go to parties
spend your cents
hurting your brain

Everything I care
is trying not to care (x2)

You wake up
with a hangover
you realise
there is blood on the couch

grab some dinner
at 10 PM
you hit the streets again

Everything I care
is trying not to care (x2)

Time goes fast
hours become seconds
problems become dust
crushed in your cards

Lost in time
lost in space
don't forget to
go back to your place

Everything I care
is trying not to care (x2)

When your conscience is back
you find yourself trapped
falling down

Caught in a spiral
where nothing has sense at all
falling down

It's an evading way
without any escape
falling down


from Faceless, released February 25, 2014




OHIOS Barcelona, Spain

OHIOS són Claudi Dosta, Martí Ferrer, Pau Cristòful i Joan Pérez.

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